Simple Tassel

simple-tassel-step-1-200x250 You will need:  spool of flat suede lace, 26 gage wire, chain nose pliers, wire cutters, scissors (not pictured), + a business card (for template).

simple-tassel-step-2-200x250Working off of the spool, + leaving a small tail at the bottom, start wrapping around the template.  You can adjust your template to be shorter or use something longer than a business card if you want the tassel to be longer.

simple-tassel-step-3-200x250Wrap around until you are satisfied with the thickness of the tassel.  In total, we used approximately 10ft of 2mm flat lace suede for this tassel.

simple-tassel-step-4-200x250 Hold the tassel at the top while you slide the suede off the card.  Be careful to avoid paper cuts.

simple-tassel-step-5-200x250Use a long piece of suede, or a piece of some other cord/thread/etc. to bind the very top of your tassel.  Tie 2 knots one over the other.

simple-tassel-step-6-200x250 Find the bottom/center and cut.

simple-tassel-step-7-200x250Flip/fold the tassel so that the knot you tied at the top is now inside and hidden.

simple-tassel-step-8-200x250Bind near the top.  This creates a "head".  We used a 4" piece of 26 gage wire to bind, however you can use any type of cord/thread/etc that you prefer.  When you complete this step you will have a functional tassel. 

We continue below to cover the bind and add a ring at the top.

simple-tassel-step-9-200x250 If you want to cover your bind with something else, carefully coat the bind with GS Hypo Cement.  *You can leave the bind as is – tassel will be functional without covering the bind.

simple-tassel-step-10-200x250 We cut a 4" piece of matching suede + covered the wire bind.  The Hypo Cement does an excellent job of adhering the suede. *You can use any type of fabric, thread, or cord in this step.

simple-tassel-step-11-200x250 Use an awl, pencil, or some other pointy tool to find the "eye" of the tassel.  Create a passage through which you can add wire, thread, or a large jump ring like we did.

simple-tassel-step-12-200x250Use scissors to trim the tassel so it is the length you prefer.  Tassel is now ready to use!