Making French Wires

Making French wires using Wrap 'n' Tap Pliers

Step Mandrel French Wires

Step 1: Gather tools + materials – 20 gauge wire, small Wrap 'n' Tap pliers, round nose pliers, flush cutting pliers, chain nose pliers, emery board, fine sandpaper, or burr cup rounder.

Step 2: Cut wire into 2" lengths.

Step 3: Flush-cut one end and then make a loop with the round nose pliers

Step 4: Turn the loop towards the plastic coating on the Wrap 'n' Tap pliers and pull the long end of the wire around the middle or large "step" in the pliers.

Step 5: Flush cut all tails of French wires at matching lengths.

Step 6: Using chain nose pliers, bend the tail of the french wires out at a slight angle.

Step 7:  Gently round or sand ends of French wires with burr cup, sandpaper, or emery board until very smooth,