Stretch Bracelets

Stretch Bracelets

Stretchy Tutorial

Step 1: Gather tools + materials:  Stretchy material (we use and sell Elastoma in sizes .5mm, .8mm, + 1mm), hypo cement, scissors, bead stopper, beads, various findings (closed jump rings, charms, large-hole beads).

Step 2: For each bracelet, cut one 12" piece of stretchy cord.  Put a bead stopper at one end and string your beads.

Step 3: If desired, add a large-hole bead, group of jump rings, charm, etc then tie the stretch cord in a square knot. (left over right and through, then right over left and through is shown in photo).

Step 4: Pull knot tight and generously coat with Hypo Cement glue. Allow glue to dry completely (30+min) before trimming ends of stretchy or trying bracelets on.

Step 5: It's really that easy!  Enjoy 🙂