Wire Wrapped Rings

Wire Wrapped Rings

Wire Wrapped Ring Tutorial

Step 1: Gather tools + materials: Wire – 22 or 20 gauge (22 is easier to work with), ring mandrel, wire cutters, wire-straightening pliers, chain nose pliers (not pictured), beads!

Step 2: Cut one 3' piece of wire.  Lay across the ring mandrel 2 sizes LARGER than you want your ring to be, leaving a 2-3" piece of wire on one side.

Step 3: Wrap wire around the mandrel 3-4 times (don't let go!)

Step 4: Slide coil off the mandrel.

Step 5: Using the short 3-4" tail, make 2 or 3 binding wraps to keep everything in place.

Step 6: Slide bead on long end, squaring it up to the ring base.

Step 7: Using long end, make 2-3 binding wraps to keep bead in place.

Step 8: Using long end, start wrapping around the base of the bead, creating a decorative nest.  If your bead allows, you can bring the wire up and across it's surface, then back down to make more nest (a flat bead works best for this style).

Step 9: When finished, cut the wire and tuck the end somewhere it won't snag on clothes or the wearer's skin.  Cut your starting wire at this time as well.  Enjoy your fancy new ring!