Braiding Irish Linen & Beads

Braiding Irish Linen & Beads

Braided Linen

Step 1: Tie three equal lengths of Irish waxed linen into an overhand knot at one end.  Leave several inches to attach your closure. (Initial length of linen strands: you lose approx 1/3 of the starting length of your linen as you braid.  If you would like to end up with a 30" necklace, start with 3 x 40" pieces of linen.  We like our braided linen necklaces LONG, so we start with 3 x 62" pieces!)

Step 2: Start braiding.  Add a bead: slide a bead onto one piece of your linen so that it is flush to the end of the braid.

Step 3: Continue to braid below the bead.  Either count your "strands over" or measure the distance between the beads to know when it's time to add the next one.

Step 4: Add another bead.  Continue braiding. Add another bead.  Continue braiding.  Repeat!

Step 5: At the other end of your necklace/bracelet finish with the same length of braiding to match your starting end.

Step 6: Tie end off with an overhand knot.  Trim ends flush only if finishing with a clamshell or cord end, otherwise leave longer to tie on clasp. (see note at end)

Step 7: Slide cord end over trimmed ends of linen and crimp using chain nose pliers.  Finish the first end to match the second.

Step 8: Attach a clasp…add a pendant or charm…the options are endless!

NOTES:  There are several possibilities when finishing your linen.  a) Use cord ends as shown in this tutorial.  b) Knot inside clamshells at beginning and end.  c) The linen may be tied directly to a clasp using a series of square knots.  d) Use the "knotting w/ gemstones" method that we teach in our classroom at splendor.